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Woodworking Equipment.

Wadkin Bursgreen BGS12 Saw Bench.

The classic heavy workshop saw. Versatile, precise and dependable.

3 Phase, 2.2 kW motor (3 HP). Fitted with DC Motor Brake and emergency stop.

12" Blade capacity with riving knife. Table 865 x 1015 mm (34" x 40") overall, the left hand portion of which slides past the saw.

Rise, fall and tilt saw, with straight cross cut fence.

Capacity: Cuts 95 mm (3.75") deep, saw to fence (max) 660 mm (26").

Price £1365
Wadkin Bursgreen BGY3 Belt & Disc Sander.

Heavy, rigid construction with generous tables.

3 Phase 2Hp motor and foot operated emergency stop.

24" x 6" Belt with 7.5" x 6" table and 16" Disc with 25" x 9" tilting table.

Price £1150
Wadkin 20" BZB Bandsaw.

A sturdy workhorse; versatile and precise.

3 Phase 2hp motor with foot brake and emergency stop.

20" wheel, 45deg tilt table, size 560mm x 610mm. Max depth of cut 270mm. Heavy fence with fine adjustment. With work light.

Price £1000

Centauro CO600 Bandsaw.

Modern, robust, large capacity.

Little used and very clean.

3 Phase 3hp braked motor, interlocked access doors. 600mm wheel diameter,Table size 810mm x 580mm with 20deg tilt, strong telescopic blade guard, max depth of cut 360mm.

Fully compliant with current legislation.

Price £2100

Wadkin Bursgreen DM Hollow Chisel Mortiser.

Heavy, rigid and very strong. Built for industry!

1.5 kW (2 HP) (3 phase).

Capacity: Admits timber 250mm (10") deep x 200mm (8") wide (using 100mm (4") chisels). Chisel capacit:y 25mm (1") square.

Price £1350
Airmaster Extraction Cabinet

3 Phase 1/2 HP motor.

8 Element fine felt filter.

Manual shaker mechanism.

No Volt Release starter & stop.

Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 64"

2 x 3" Inlets.

Large dust collection box.

Spencer & Halstead Dust Extraction Unit.

Powerful & compact, reliable and self contained.

3kW 3 Phase motor.

Automatic timed shaker.

34L wheeled collection container.

175mm inlet diameter.

Approx Duty 1800 M³/Hr

Filter Area 6m² plus secondary exhaust filter.


Viceroy TD6 Bowl Turning Lathe.

3 Phase 3/4Hp 1125rpm motor.

4 speeds via belt drive: 425 / 775 / 1330 / 2270 rpm.

Comes with 5" backing plates, 6" & 12" rests and live centre with further accessories available, priced individually.


Wadkin Bursgreen BL Lathe.

3 Phase, 1Hp motor.

36" between centres, 9" over handrest (6 1/4" height to centre). Bowl turning spindle accepts 14" faceplate.

No. 3 Morse taper spindle (1.5" 6tpi thread, reversed on outside spindle).

4 Spindle speeds via belt drive: 425, 800, 1400, 2300 rpm.

No.2 Morse taper Headstock, bored to 0.5"

With 8" Diameter faceplate rests, live centre, lamp, further accessories available, priced individually.


Viceroy Sharpedge TDS

12/16 Tool Sharpening Machine.

Sharpens efficiently w/out drawing temper or burning tool. Fitted with rare internal radius gouge sharpening attachment.

3 Phase ¼ Hp Motor.

16” wheel @ 110rpm.

Jig graduated 10-30deg.

Chisel/Plane & machine blade sharpening attachments.

Automatic honing oil application from tank.


Wadkin 12” BRT 300

Sliding table dimension saw.

3ph 3hp motor DC Brake.

Telescopic 2600mm crosscutting fence

Main table 510x710mm

Sliding table 735x405mm

Max. panel length on sliding table 2600mm

Max. panel width on sliding table 1000x25mm / 975x105mm

Sedgwick MB Planer/Thicknesser in VGC.

3Ph 4hp motor DC brake.

2 speed feed motor.

Cast tables

4 knife TERSA block.

CE marked

Max planing cut 1.5mm,

Max thicknesser cut 3mm,

Max planing width 308mm,

Max thicknesser cap. 230mm.


DCE DX7 dust extractor.

Powerful, compact, quiet,& versatile.

3 phase 415 volt 3/4 hp machine.

Approx flow 500 cubic m3/hr.

Twin felt bag filters.

Manual filter shaker.


DCE Unimaster UMA 152 G3 Dust Extraction Cabinet.

A Powerful, simple unit.

3 Phase, 1.5 Kw motor.

Medium/Fine 18 bag particulate filter.

Automatic filter shaker.

Wheeled dust collection bin.

Good cond, refurb optional. £900
Record #52 Woodworking Vice.
Good Condition with Quick Release.
210mm capacity.
180mm x 70mm Jaw.

Record #52D Woodworking Vice.

Good Condition with Quick Release and bench dog.

210mm capacity.

180mm x 70mm Jaw.


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